Atlas Marcato 150 Pasta Machine




Made in ITALY

ATLAS 150 is without any doubt the most versatile manual pasta machine available on the market and

also the most widely sold. The main characteristic that makes this machine absolutely

unique is their system of flat rollers and cutters that can be easily removed. Now they are even more innovative

thanks to the new material they are made of –¬†light alloy.

This exclusive Marcato patent guarantees a 100% genuine and healthy homemade dough.

Atlas 150 is available in the 150mm version

  • 1 Atlas pasta machine
  • 3 pairs of rollers and cutters for making Lasagna, Fettuccini and Tagliolini
  • table clamp
  • 9 thickness adjustments
  • crank handle
  • recipe booklet
  • instruction booklet


This is the original Made In Italy Atlas Marcato pasta machine.