Record 520




The Record 520 is a professional machine for medium scale use. Used to vacuum pack a large variety of food and other materials that suffer when in contact with the air, in order to extend the overall period of preservation. This machine is strong, fast, reliable and easy to clean and use.

  • Body and chamber made of stainless steel.
  • 10 working programs.
  • Electronic vacuum control system that allows the user to set the percentage of vacuum desired inside the bag.
  • Automatic calibration of the pressure sensor according to the conditions in which the machine is installed.
  • Extra vacuum function system that allows to obtain an adequate level of vacuum inside the packed product.
  • Sealing bar:¬†520 mm.
  • Pump: 25 m3/h.
  • Chamber: 530 x 530 x 115 + 95
  • Power: 230 v.
  • Weight: 100 kg.