Sirman Palladio 300 Automatic




Sirman Palladio 300mm Automatic Slicer

  •  Rounded design, no sharp edges and visibile screws.
  • Chrome plated and ground slide rod.
  • Lapped cast iron slide rod bushing.
  •  Vulcanized rubber stops on carriage.
  •  Removable support cover for thickness gauge plate.
  •  Stainless steel slice deflector with bayonet fitting.
  •  Stainless steel screws and fittings.
  •  Enclosed and sealed belt pulley.
  • 49,5 mm distance between blade and motor.
  • Bottom cover.
  • Power source 220V.
  • Built in sharpening tool with bottom protection.
  • Standard blade removal tool.
  • Ergomic controls – push buttons with IP67 protection rating.
  • 3 speed selection
  • 3 different adjustments for carriage travel.
  • Slice counter.
  • Slice number settino with automatic stop feature.
  • Enclosed and sealed drive motor.
  • Positive drive belt.
  • Carriage release system for manual slicing.