Volumetric Filler



The Vertical Dosing Piston Fillers manufacturers to dose liquid or semi-dense liquids like alimentary, cosmetical and chemical products. As an example, these machines are the perfect equipment to package oil into tin cans. However, other alimentary or chemical liquids can be filled into other diverse types of packaging. The materials and gaskets of the machine are suitable for the processing of alimentary or chemical products.
The structure of the wheels make the machine easy to move around and easily adaptable to your needs. The liquid to be bottled can be withdrawn from a storage tank or container based lower than the machine, which works pneumatically on compressed air. Once the requested quantity of product is selected, the machine directly aspires the liquid from the storage tank and stops automatically without wasting a single drop of product. Dosing ranges from 50ml to 2000 ml, and 250ml to 5000ml.