RST 160 & 250 Ravioli

RST160 and RST250 are Ravioli machines working with double pasta sheet and interchangeable moulds for producing pre-cut ravioli with soft fillings such as meat, cheese, vegetables, fish etc.

These machines are made of anodized aluminium in their external structure and the parts that are in contact with pasta are made of stainless steel. They are equipped with a control panel and they respect all accident prevention regulations in force.



  • Pasta sheet calibrating rollers having a diameter of 55 mm assembled on bearings
  • Fast assembly of moulds inside the ravioli machine
  • Piston type filling feeding (adjustable quantity during machine operation)
  • Belt for conveying the final product on trays
  • Double speed for producing ravioli and tagliatelle (if it is equipped with the PASTA SHEET CUTTING UNIT).



  • Pasta sheet cutting unit

On request, RST160 and RST250 Ravioli machines can be supplied with a long pasta production device (for tagliatelle, tagliolini, pappardelle, lasagne, “spaghetti alla chitarra” , … with a variable thickness) with interchangeable moulds. It is possible to adjust pasta sheet thickness and length.



Model:                        RST160                     RST250

Machine weight:          160kg                           195kg

Dimensions:                 600x1220x1240         600x1220x1240

Power:                           900Watt                       900 Watt

Sheet Width:                160mm                         250mm

Ravioli Output             80kg/h                         120kg/h

Tagliatelle Output:      50kg/h                         70kg/h